From a Parent…

As I sit comfortably in my warm car listening to the the radio 100 yards away there is a lone man standing in the middle of the field along with youngsters kicking around a ball in the cold, wind and rain. Sounds crazy…looks even crazier, but this man is my son’s coach and he is out there voluntarily getting drowned in the rain just so my son can develop his skills and play with his friends. He’s not getting paid, he’s not asking for any praise, and he doesn’t owe any of us any favours. As far as I’m concerned he’s a saint and whatever he wants/says goes if he’s prepared to give up his free evenings to run around in the rain with my son.
Parents please remember this next time you go to have moan about game time, training schedules, kit colour, the position your son/daughter has been put in…remember it’s probably you, like me, sat in the car and not standing out on the pitch and I’m sure you know where you rather be! If you want to have a say get your boots on and get out there and join that coach, if not pipe down and continue to listen to the radio on your comfy heated seats. This isn’t the premiership, we don’t have posh dug outs and oversized umbrellas that someone can hold over us…this is grassroots football and I sir, stood out there on the pitch in the rain salute you!

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