Good New From Zimbabwe


My name is Alan Johnson and I am a former Zimbabwe national team soccer player.
I am passionate about soccer youth development and I coach kids from different back grounds, from International students to kids from the low density areas . I work with two American based organisations that help me create opportunities for kids to get scholarships locally, in South Africa and in America (Ten toes Africa and College Connect International).

This donation was done through my Cousin Richard Mathews, Anne Mathews and Seli O’Donnell, who live in Ireland and they spoke to Artane Beaumont FC who kindly donated the kit . We donated the kit to Aids adolescent kids, academies that don’t have any kits or boots, groups I normally help through Ten Toes International which I’m a regional Director.
This donation is an amazing gift from Artane Beaumont FC and I can’t explain what it’s done for the kids . Their faces on receiving the kit was priceless and heart warming. I would like to thank Richard, Anne, Sile and Artane Beaumont for all their efforts, and for bringing happiness to the kids.

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